Making or having a solar panel could be very hard to look and imagine especially for those people who don’t know much about repairing and installing things around your house and it needs someone who has a great ability when it comes to the different parts and ideas about the electricity. Most of the house owners now believe about the solar power services Austin as it would give them the right to use any kinds of appliances and machines that they want to use without thinking about the overall price or the amount of the electricity bill that they have to pay after the end of the month. When you use the one from the local service company, then you would have the hard time to pay them because of the higher rate and you need to maintain this one as well so that you can make fully used of it.  

If you are planning to make one of this, then you would just need some materials and some of them could be found inside your house especially in the kitchen. Do you believe that in a matter of hours, you can make your own solar panel and panel energy without buying this panel but you need to lower down your expectations about this solar and this is created just for something that you can make used of the things. Most of the kids who are having science subject could enjoy doing this experiment and they will be able to get a good source of idea and it may be very useful in the future if they want to invent something and make a better outcome to be used in your country.  

All you need to prepare is the titanium dioxide solution which is in the powder form and then add some drops of alcohol and you should not forget do add the soap for the dish. The alcohol here will be very helpful in getting the rays of the sun and create more energy sources and energy but if you are a bit confused about the process and the looks of it, then you can search on the internet to give more ideas. After mixing them, you need to apply and scattered it on the surface of the glass and you need to cover the sides of the glass with the transparent tapes 

After that, you need to heat the entire glass to a very hot surface for about 15 to 25 minutes and you have to get rid of the tape now before you put it there. Wait for the surface or the solution that you applied to the surface to be brown before you remove that one there. You need to wait for a couple of hours and let the glass to be very cooled before you go to the next step and process to make this one very effective. Dip that glass to a tea and make sure that you will use the pencil to color the center of the glass after this process.