People are now getting more worried about indoor air pollution as much as outdoor air pollution. Why? Well, we spend 80% of our time outside, inhaling different kinds of air pollutants and when we come home we expect to breathe a fresher air, but it doesn’t happen. We try our best to improve the air quality we have at home, we buy air freshener and other types of products that claims to purify the air we breathe. But have you considered taking a look at your HVAC system’s air duct?

Air Ducts

If your answer is no, then you should change your mind now. Duct cleaning is important. According to professionals of most of their customers complained of bad air quality when it’s too late. Fixing or repairing the unit won’t do anymore, so the unit should be replaced.  

What is Air Duct Cleaning?  

Basically, duct cleaning refers to the cleaning maintenance done to different components of cooling and heating system. It includes the registers, diffusers, grilles, coils, drain pans, unit housing, fan housing and fan motor. If you don’t do regular cleaning and maintenance of the said components, they will suffer from contamination of pollen, dirt, dust and other debris. There is also a potential of mold growth especially if moisture is present.  

The contaminants will have a negative effect on your health, especially that the air duct will produce them and disperse them in the house. Cleaning all the components mentioned above is essential, so when you hire a professional make sure to include in the contract that all the components should be cleaned.  

Cleaning the air ducts have different methods, and it vary depending on the standards established by industry organizations. The typical method uses various tools to get off the debris and dirt in the ducts or vacuuming them out. Most of the time, chemical biocides are also applied especially to the air ducts with dirt build-up. Chemical treatments are also applied. These methods should be informed to you before doing it.  

Making the Decision 

I’m sure that you’re convinced now that cleaning the air ducts is really important, especially that the health hazard potential. Your household’s condition is different from the others, even though you know how beneficial duct cleaning is, you should think it through.  

First, if some of your family members have illnesses and allergies but the air ducts are clean and doesn’t have indication of mold growth and build-up of dirt, cleaning might not be necessary at that moment. The return registers will normally have dusts in them, so it’s not an indication of serious threat to health.  

But if you notice unusual illness and allergies among your family, discuss that condition with your doctor. There are indications of indoor air quality problems that you should research too so you would know whether you’re going to waste money or not. We’re not implying that you shouldn’t clean the air ducts at all. Periodic cleaning is important and should be done right.